How To Avoid Headaches When Drinking Wine

I love wine. But I stopped drinking it years ago because after just two measly sips I would get the most ferocious headache. I avoided wine like the plague.

But last year I attended a holiday party where the host’s wife had an assortment of New Zealand wines. When I declined her offer to try a glass (I told her why), she said she used to get headaches as well until she discovered wines from New Zealand. “They don’t have all of the preservatives and crap that the US grown wines have. I never get headaches drinking wines from New Zealand.” So, I tried it. She was right.

A few months later my husband and I took a trip to Italy. Who can go to Tuscany and not drink the wine, right? I thought I’d put the “only US wines cause headaches” rule to the test. At our Italian restaurant, they didn’t bring a glass of wine, they brought a JUG of wine. Since my husband is a beer drinker, I tackled that jug solo. Not only did I not get a headache the night I drank the wine, but I didn’t feel the pain the next morning either.

So back in America, I went to my local grocery store and bought a handful of wines from various countries. I read the labels on the wine to make sure they are produced AND bottled outside the US. Sure enough, every bottle of wine passed the headache test. I sampled a few wines from Napa Valley, California, and like always, I experienced a raging headache within minutes.

Sooooo, you want to avoid headaches when drinking wine? Find wines produced and bottled in Australia (Jacob’s Creek – very cheap but good), New Zealand (White Haven), Italy or Argentina – and chances are that you will have a wine-filled, headache-free evening. Of course, moderation will help as well. Enjoy!


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